Aspose.Total for .NET 程式開發工具


Aspose.Total for .NET是Aspose提供的所有.NET文件格式API中最完整的軟體包。它使開發人員能夠在任何.NET,C#,ASP.NET和VB.NET應用程序中的最流行的文件格式之間創建,編輯,渲染,打印和轉換

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Aspose.Total for .NET


Aspose.Total for .NET涵蓋了大多數流行的開發環境和部署平台。您可以放心地使用Aspose.Total for .NET來構建Mono或任何類型的32位或64位.NET應用程序,包括ASP.NET,Web Services和WinForms。也為您提供了一個方便的實用程序API工具箱,可讓您向.NET應用程序添加條形碼功能,執行重複模式和網絡協議(SMTP,POP3,MIME,IMAP,FTP,DNS,ICMP和WHOIS)。

Aspose.Total API是使用託管程式碼構建的,並且不需要在電腦上安裝Microsoft Office就可以使用受支持的文檔格式。就支持的功能性,安全性,穩定性,可伸縮性,速度和價格而言,它是一個完美的Microsoft Office自動化替代產品。


  • 生成或識別條形碼
  • 使用郵件合併生成報告
  • 動態生成動態Microsoft Excel報告
  • 高保真度渲染和打印
  • 將XML文檔轉換為Adobe Acrobat PDF文件
  • 將圖像文件轉換為PDF格式
  • 創建,操作或渲染演示文稿文件
  • 從頭開始創建項目文件或處理現有項目
  • 使用iCalendar
  • 輕鬆發送帶有HTML格式和附件的電子郵件
  • 郵件合併和發送群發郵件功能
  • 連接到POP3和IMAP郵件服務器
  • 創建,加載,編輯或轉換Microsoft Visio圖表
  • 使用OCR從圖像中提取文本
  • 將OneNote導出為圖像和PDF格式


Aspose.Total for .NET includes the following file format APIs for .NET:

Aspose.Words for .NETAspose.Words for .NET

It is an advanced .NET API to perform multiple file parsing tasks directly within your .NET, iOS, macOS & Android applications. Aspose.Words for .NET offers the developers to modify, generate, render, convert and print documents without using Microsoft Word. It supports DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML, OpenDocument, PDF, XPS, EPUB and many more.

Aspose.PDF for .NETAspose.PDF for .NET

Aspose.PDF for .NET is a PDF file processing and parsing API. It enables .NET applications to read, manipulate and write PDF files without any Adobe Acrobat dependencies. Moreover, API provides features such as conversion of PDF documents to multiple formats as well as transform PDF files to conventional raster & vector images.

Aspose.Cells for .NETAspose.Cells for .NET

Excel API allows developers to work with spreadsheet file formats in .NET, iOS & Android applications without requiring Microsoft Excel. Aspose.Cells for .NET supports all the major Microsoft Excel formats including XLS, XLSM, XLSX, XLTM/XLTX, HTML, CSV, ODS, Tab Delimited & SpreadsheetML.

Aspose.Email for .NETAspose.Email for .NET

Aspose.Email for .NET is a collection of .NET APIs to create, manipulate, send & receive emails from within ASP.NET web applications, web services or Windows applications. The Email API makes it super easy to work with Outlook ICS, PST, OST, EML, MSG and MHT files as well as Thunderbird’s storage MBOX files.

Aspose.Slides for .NETAspose.Slides for .NET

Aspose.Slides for .NET is a standalone PowerPoint processing API to read, write and manipulate presentations and slides. Developers can generate, modify, copy, convert, render and print presentation file formats including PPT, PPS, POT, PresentationML (OOXML, PPTX) and OpenDocument presentations (ODP).

Aspose.Imaging for .NETAspose.Imaging for .NET

Aspose.Imaging for .NET is an imaging API to create, edit, draw or convert images within .NET applications. Developers can save the created or edited images to a variety of formats including TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG and more, without the need of an Image editor to be installed.

Aspose.BarCode for .NETAspose.BarCode for .NET

Aspose.BarCode for .NET API allows developers to quickly and easily add barcode generation and recognition functionality to their Microsoft .NET applications. It supports WinForms, ASP.NET and .NET Compact Framework.

Aspose.Diagram for .NETAspose.Diagram for .NET

Aspose.Diagram for .NET is a feature-rich Visio API. Developers can easily manipulate diagrams and convert Visio tiles to PDF and image file formats. Aspose.Diagram also leverages advanced functionality provided by Visio services to manipulate Visio documents at server.

Aspose.Tasks for .NETAspose.Tasks for .NET

Aspose.Tasks for .NET is a powerful .NET project management API enabling .NET applications to read Microsoft Project documents in MPP and XML formats along with writing project documents in XML format without using Microsoft Project.

Aspose.OCR for .NETAspose.OCR for .NET

Aspose.OCR for .NET is a character recognition API allowing developers to add OCR functionality to their .NET applications. It provides simple set of classes to recognize characters from most commonly used image formats.

Aspose.Note for .NETAspose.Note for .NET

Aspose.Note for .NET API enables applications to interact with Microsoft OneNote files programmatically. It supports features like loading, converting, creating and manipulating the content of Microsoft OneNote files without requiring any additional libraries or third-party software.

Aspose.CAD for .NETAspose.CAD for .NET

Aspose.CAD for .NET allows developers to convert AutoCAD DWG and DXF files to PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF image formats. It is a native API and does not require AutoCAD or any other software to be installed.

Aspose.3D for .NETAspose.3D for .NET

Aspose.3D for .NET is a feature-rich 3D API for .NET developers to connect with 3D document formats without requiring any additional 3D modeling and rendering software. It supports most commonly used 3D file formats where developers can easily create, read, convert, modify and control the substance of 3D files.

Aspose.HTML for .NETAspose.HTML for .NET

Aspose.HTML for .NET allows developers to create, edit and render HTML pages to fixed-layout formats such as PDF & XPS etc and a number of raster image formats within your .NET applications

Aspose.GIS for .NETAspose.GIS for .NET

Aspose.GIS for .NET empowers the .NET applications to access & manipulate geographic information from vector based geospatial data formats. It offers to read, write & convert GIS data formats like ESRI Shapefile & GeoJSON.

Aspose.ZIP for .NETAspose.ZIP for .NET

Aspose.ZIP for .NET API enables the developers to compress documents and archives to zip format as well as decompress zip files to respective archives and files.

Aspose.Page for .NETAspose.Page for .NET

Aspose.Page for .NET provides the ability to create, edit and save existing as well as new XPS documents. It also allows converting PS, EPS & XPS files to PDF and image formats.

Aspose.PSD for .NETAspose.PSD for .NET

Aspose.PSD for .NET API enables the developers to load or create Photoshop PSD & PSB files as well as provides the ability to manipulate layers, detect deflated PSD files & convert Photoshop files to raster image formats.

Aspose.OMR for .NETAspose.OMR for .NET

Aspose.OMR for .NET is an API allows capturing human-marked data from document forms such as surveys, questionnaires, multiple-choice examination papers, and other tests. So it can recognize scanned images and even photos with high accuracy.

Aspose.PUB for .NETAspose.PUB for .NET

Aspose.PUB for .NET is an API allows to read Microsoft Publisher files and convert to other formats. Moreover, API permits to work with PUB document formats without the need to go into the details of the underlying file format structure without any dependencies of Microsoft Publisher.

Aspose.SVG for .NETAspose.SVG for .NET

Aspose.SVG for .NET is an SVG file format processing and parsing API. Having full control over SVG nodes and properties, Developers can easily modify the document tree, remove and insert nodes, change the node properties and apply filters. Furthermore,  API can convert SVG files into PDF and famous image formats.

Aspose.Finance for .NETAspose.Finance for .NET

Aspose.Finance for .NET is a finance-related format processing API. It creates, reads, and validate XBRL and iXBRL formats that are used in the management of business processes, financial analysis and reporting solutions.

Aspose.Drawing for .NETAspose.Drawing for .NET

Aspose.Drawing for .NET is a graphics API identical to GDI+. It can easily be integrated for 2D vector graphics drawings like lines, curves, and figures as well as muti style text onto raster images. API supports commonly used image formats.

Aspose.Font for .NETAspose.Font for .NET

Aspose.Font for .NET is a font management and processing API. It can easily perform font file operations such as loading fonts from disc or stream, read glyphs and metrics information as well as detect latin symbols, render text using font glyphs and more.

Aspose.TeX for .NETAspose.TeX for .NET

Aspose.TeX for .NET is a TeX files typesetting API. It can easily typeset TeX files to get documents in various formats like XPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and BMP. It also features custom TeX formats creation.


Aspose.Total for Java


Aspose.Total for Java is a collection of file format APIs for Java developers, empowering them to create, update, print, render and convert between multiple file formats from within any Java J2SE, J2EE, J2ME applications.

Aspose.Words for JavaAspose.Words for Java

Aspose.Words for Java allows the developers to perform a great range of document processing tasks directly within Java applications. It supports most popular word processing formats including DOC, OOXML, RTF, HTML and OpenDocument. With Aspose.Words, you can generate, modify and convert documents without using Microsoft Word.

Aspose.PDF for JavaAspose.PDF for Java

Aspose.PDF for Java is a PDF document creation API that enables your Java applications to read, write and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It is a standalone API that offers a great deal of features including PDF compression options, table creation and manipulation, custom font handling and extended security controls.


Aspose.Cells for JavaAspose.Cells for Java

Aspose.Cells for Java offers Excel file generation, conversion & manipulation. API enables Java applications to create and manage Excel spreadsheets without using Microsoft Excel. Aspose.Cells for Java is an incredibly feature rich API that offers much more than just basic data export functions.

Aspose.Email for JavaAspose.Email for Java

Aspose.Email for Java is a set of Java APIs to read and write email message files in various formats without Microsoft Outlook. It provides classes to read and manipulate Outlook MSG, EML, EMLX, OFT files – add attachments, recipients, update subject, body, and other MSG file properties.


Aspose.Slides for JavaAspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides for Java is a unique presentation processing API that enables Java-based applications to read, write and update PowerPoint files. Developers can create, manipulate, copy, convert, render and print presentations without installing Microsoft PowerPoint.

Aspose.Imaging for JavaAspose.Imaging for Java

Aspose.Imaging for Java is an imaging API that lets developers edit, create, draw or render images in their Java applications. It offers a broad spectrum of traditional image processing operations as well as most demanded features that make it the most widely used imaging engine.


Aspose.BarCode for JavaAspose.BarCode for Java

Aspose.BarCode for Java API offers adding barcode generation and recognition processes within their Java applications. It supports Java SE, Java EE and Java ME platforms, and a multitude of linear, 2D & postal barcode types.

Aspose.Diagram for JavaAspose.Diagram for Java

Aspose.Diagram for Java is a non-graphical and well-structured API allowing developers to load existing diagrams, create diagrams from scratch, save a diagram in any supported file format or manipulate Microsoft Visio drawings within Java applications without using Microsoft Visio.


Aspose.Tasks for JavaAspose.Tasks for Java

Aspose.Tasks for Java is a project management API that enables Java application developers to provide Microsoft Project document manipulation capability in their applications – all without using Microsoft Project. With this powerful API, developers can control various stages of project management such as project planning, definition and tracking.

Aspose.OCR for JavaAspose.OCR for Java

Aspose.OCR for Java is an optical character recognition Java API allowing programmers to add OCR technology to Java applications quickly and easily. API offers set of classes for recognizing characters from multiple image formats.


Aspose.Note for JavaAspose.Note for Java

Aspose.Note for Java API enables Java-based software to deal with Microsoft OneNote programmatically without it being installed on the server. It is a pure alternative for the Microsoft OneNote Object Model and provides better performance and ease of use for managing OneNote documents.

Aspose.CAD for JavaAspose.CAD for Java

Aspose.CAD for Java offers to convert AutoCAD DXF and DWG drawing files to PDF and raster images. Being a native API, it does not require AutoCAD or any software to be necessary.


Aspose.3D for JavaAspose.3D for Java

Aspose.3D for Java API is built to create, edit, manipulate and save 3D formats. It empowers Java applications to connect with 3D documents without installing any software package on the computer, and assists the developers in modeling and creating game worlds & scenes for design visualization.

Aspose.HTML for JavaAspose.HTML for Java

Aspose.HTML for Java is an advanced HTML manipulation API that allows creating, loading, editing or converting (X)HTML documents within the Java applications. The API also provides a high fidelity rendering engine for PDF, XPS and a number of raster image formats.


Aspose.Page for JavaAspose.Page for Java

Aspose.Page for Java is a PostScript and XPS document parsing and processing API. Developers can easily convert PS & EPS files to PDF and raster image formats. API also allows the developers to create, parse and save XPS files without any dependencies.

Aspose.PSD for JavaAspose.PSD for Java

Aspose.PSD for Java is a premise API for Photoshop formats manipulation. Developers can easily create, load, convert and modify PSD & PSB formats. API can perform different operations like adding watermarks, compression, rotation, scaling and more without the need of Adobe Photoshop installed.


Aspose.OMR for JavaAspose.OMR for Java

Aspose.OMR for Java is an API to recognize optical marks from OMR digitized sheet images as well as from different image formats like BMP, JPG, TIF, TIFF, GIF. API captures human-marked data from document forms like surveys, questionnaires, MCQs etc. The base of recognition is template markup having a graphical mapping of the elements to be recognized from the scanned images.

Aspose.PUB for JavaAspose.PUB for Java

Aspose.PUB for Java is an API that allows to read Microsoft Publisher files and convert to PDF. Moreover, API permits to work with .pub format without the need to go into the details of the underlying file format structure without any dependencies of Microsoft Publisher.


Aspose.Font for JavaAspose.Font for Java

Aspose.Font for Java is a font loading and drawing API having support of multiple font formats. It can easily perform font file operations such as loading fonts from disc or stream, read glyphs and metrics information as well as detect latin symbols, render text using font glyphs and more.

Aspose.PUB for JavaAspose.TeX for Java

Aspose.TeX for Java is a TeX files typesetting API. It can easily typeset TeX files to get documents in various formats like XPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and BMP. It also features custom TeX formats creation.


Different companies have different needs. To accommodate companies large and small, we offer a variety of license types.

Aspose .NET and Java licenses are either based on the number of developers and the number of locations (buildings) where the products will be used (Developer and Site licenses) or by your usage of the product calculated monthly (Metered licenses).



System Requirements:


  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 2019 Server (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows Vista (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Windows 11 (x64, x86)
  • Microsoft Azure


  • Mac OS X x64 (10.12+)


  • Linux x64 ( 6, 7 ,27, 9, 8.7+, 18.04, 16.04, 14.04, 18, 17, 42.3+, 12 SP2+)

Development Environments

You can use Aspose.PDF for .NET to develop applications in any development environment that targets the .NET platform, but the following environments are explicitly supported:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2011
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

Supported Frameworks

The following .NET Framework versions are supported:

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • .NET Framework 4.6.0
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • .NET Framework 4.5.0
  • .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • .NET Framework 4.6.0
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • .NET Framework 4.7
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • .NET Framework 4.8.1
  • .NET Standard 2.0 (.NET Core 3.1+)
  • .NET 6.0
  • .NET 7.0


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