Hot Door CADtools 輔助繪圖軟體


Hot Door CADtools是一套功能非常強大的Illustrator插件,對於機械製圖非常有幫助。Cadtools整合了一套完整的工程制圖工具,用鼠標點擊即可繪製出任何大小、具有標注的插圖,並把所用的工具分成了六組:2D制圖、2D編輯、2D標注、標簽、等量繪制、等量標注。新的特徵包括:等量製圖、投影及標注,雙標注和公差,切線工具,改進的標注和標簽,完美的修整工具等。CADtools中最強大的功能是CADtracker面板,它可以對物體進行精確的旋轉變換調整及物體的精確移動,並能對物體進行再複製。

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Hot Door CADtools 輔助繪圖軟體


專為Adobe Illustrator軟件而開發的一款強大的工程製圖插件,能夠支持Illustrator CS6到Illustrator CC 2019版本,能夠在ai工具面板中的10個工具組中添加了92個繪圖,編輯,標註,標註尺寸,轉換,創建和實用工具,可以輕鬆實現等量製圖,投影及標註,雙標註和公差,2D尺寸標註,軸測尺寸等等,從而更好的提高設計人員的工作效率。


  • 六個新的工程和建築計算器
  • 結構化標籤設計師
  • 面板和工具的改進
  • 按比例繪製,標註尺寸和標籤
  • 精確地移動,變換和測量
  • 跨度尺寸工具和帶框文本可增強UX設計
  • 細節工具通過比例控制生成特寫視圖
  • 集成的實時聊天功能,可提供更快的友好技術支持


  • CADtools 14 works with Illustrator 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024


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Control Plug-ins

These plug-ins put you in Illustrator’s driver’s seat and rip out the speedometer! Choose your own combination of controls to make a unique suite of plug-ins that pump your productivity. Discover new raceways for editing, organization, and labeling. And find out what our power users have been requesting for 20 years!

NitPicker: Select artwork with custom search criteria and presets
ParticuLayer: Create layer groups for organization and printing
FixPix: Nudge artwork at LESS THAN 1 pt increments!
TimeSheet: Log time spent on documents with auto features
ArtLabel: Call out attributes of artwork such as fonts, colors, etc.
DocLabel: Call out attributes of the document or add date/time
ArtTags: Attach terms to artwork for counting/tracking materials

CADpatterns Hot Door CADpatterns add 134 vector-based swatch patterns for design documents. All patterns are in Illustrator format for easy editing and colorizing inside Adobe Illustrator for Mac or Windows.
DwellSymbols Add a splash of architecture from around the world with 36 unique, royalty-free symbols for Adobe Illustrator. Each home is featured in 3D-style with easy vector editing. Embellish with your own details and color for brochures, maps, infographics, and more!