Octoparse 網頁爬蟲軟體


Octoparse 是一套網頁資料抓取軟體,把網站變成結構化的數據表。無需編碼即可快速抓取網路數據,點擊一下即可將網頁轉換為結構化電子表格。

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Octoparse 網頁爬蟲軟體



Point-and-Click Interface

Click any web data to extract – Octoparse applies advanced machine learning algorithm to accurately locate the data at the moment you click on it. Open a website in the built-in browser and start a scraping task by clicking and dragging. Octoparse handles all the messy work behind the screen for you.


Deal With All Sorts of Websites

Never be frightened by any complicated website. JavaScript, AJAX, or any dynamic website, we have you all covered.
Easily scrape behind a login, fill in forms, input search terms, click through infinitive scroll, switch drop downs and so much more.
Capture anything from webpages like text, link, image URL, or html code…


Cloud Extraction

No more worries about high cost hardware maintenance or network interruption. Octoparse’s Cloud Platform allows for 6 to 20 times faster data extraction, running the extraction task 24/7. Data is scraped and stored in the Cloud and accessible from any machine.


Automatic IP Rotation

Octoparse Cloud Service is supported by hundreds of Cloud servers, each with a unique IP address. When an extraction task is set to execute in the Cloud, requests are performed on the target website through various IPs, minimizing the chances of being traced and blocked.


Schedule Extraction

Do you need to get the new data from any website that updates consistently? Cloud Extraction enables a task to be scheduled to run at any specific time of the day, week or month. To further support real-time scraping, you can even schedule the task to run every 1-minute interval.


API, CSV, Excel, Database

Access the extracted data via Excel or API, or export to your own database. Connect with Octoparse API and have the data delivered automatically to your own systems. Get data, export data, publish data, or use it in any creative way via automatic integration.








Download for Windows

Win7/ Win8/ Win8.1/ Win10 (X64)/ Win11

Download for Mac

System Requirements

macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher version (x64)

* If you are using macOS lower than High Sierra, please download Octoparse 8.2.4.