Ephere Ornatrix 毛髮模擬外掛


Ephere Ornatrix是一款Maya的毛髮、羽毛模擬外掛,這款外掛可以讓你在Maya中快速製作出非常真實的毛髮、羽毛效果。

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Ephere Ornatrix 毛髮模擬外掛






New in Version 4

  • Box and unbox
    • Boxing of whole or partial stack
    • Unboxing a groom operator to extract its constituent operators
    • Groom operator, containing multiple internal operators with ability to expose custom parameters
  • Graft grooms (easy point and click creation of complete grooms on any character model)
    • Built-in eyebrow and hair graft grooms
    • Ability to create new grooms directly within Ornatrix
  • Performance improvements
    • Switched to Embree 3, significantly improving performance in many places
    • Improved hair display performance
    • Using SIMD optimizations to further improve performance
  • Surface Comb operator
    • Allow per-sink rotation adjustments
    • Added “flow” per-sink parameter
    • Channel export
    • Added an option to export sink groups to channel data
    • Exposed sink length setting to the MEL command
    • Added an option to set sink data values based on an absolute length
    • Dim strand channel controls in Surface Comb when not used
  • Hair from Guides
    • Added “Hidden Guide Behavior” option for Hair from Guides (don’t generate hair for hidden guides)
    • Parting Tool avoids object selection when in Edit mode if there are no parting planes
    • Multiple distributions maps to allow procedural density map blending
    • Guides from Hair distribution respects distribution map and channel
  • Clumping
    • Added option to set strand groups based on clump ownership
    • “Ground Displaced Roots” option
    • Added an option to exclude already clumped strands from the selection
    • Added Multiplier map support to the Clump Size parameter
  • Normalize operator
    • “By group” option separating its application by strand groups
    • Added a ramp curve
  • Edit Guides operator
    • Allow to move only the roots of strands
    • Allow the Create brush to add strands per-vertex and per-polygon face
    • Preserve strand selection from brush to Control Point/Strand mode
    • Added mirroring support to the Draw tool
    • Update current Attribute Editor channel value based on selection
    • Comb by group options
    • Collision detection during combing options
    • Specify how selection changes when guides are planted
    • Planted guides are interpolated between all selected existing strands (previously only the nearest strand was used)
  • Curl operator
    • Magnitude and Phase randomness for Curl
    • Add range values for Noise Scale parameter
  • Filter operator
    • Added Channel and Map parameters to control random fraction to Filter operator
  • Ground Strands operator
    • Added mesh evaluation at specified time when grounding
  • Arnold render
    • Completed work on Arnold procedural
    • Deploy Arnold extension for both MtoA 4 and 5 in Maya 2019+
  • Baked hair
    • Operator baking now supports baking strand widths
    • Implemented full-stack import with BakedHairNode
  • Animation cache operator
    • Ability to key-frame animation
    • Automatic change tracking of select operators
    • Using Texture Coordinate method for calculating vertex tangents (improved hair smoothness/consistency across surface)
    • Using UV-based vertex tangents by default
    • Switch vertex tangents to use Texture Coordinate generation method by default
    • Using geodesic distance by default to calculate strand group blending effect
    • Added .oxh.usda groom analogs of existing .oxgroom files
    • Maya 2023 support
    • Updated icons
    • Marking/context menus
    • Add “Use Procedural Meshes” option to USD groom export
    • Updated VrayOxHairMaya to work with VRay 5 SDK



Minimum System Requirements


Ornatrix Maya is designed to work on a variety of Maya versions and all operating systems where Maya is supported. However, there exist a minimum requirements where Ornatrix Maya is supported.


  • Windows 10 or newer
  • Maya 2015 or newer. Maya 2020 requires update 1.
  • VC 2019 runtime


  • OS X 10.15 Catalina or newer
  • Maya 2016.5 or newer. Maya 2020 requires update 1.


  • CentOS 6 or 7, corresponding to Maya’s requirements
  • Maya 2015 or newer


  • The dynamics operator won’t work on Mac OS. Use Moov Hair Physics operator instead.
  • For Maya 2020 Update 1 is required. The initial 2020 release has a bug which affects Ornatrix.
  • The GPU Hair Display feature is not supported on Mac because the OpenGL version included o Mac does not support compute shaders.

Note: Maya LT does not support third party plugins.