FCS Express 流式細胞術軟體


FCS Express ™比任何其他流式細胞術軟體都更容易,更短的時間讓您從原始數據到易於理解、格式精美、可用於演示的結果。

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FCS Express 流式細胞術軟體



Pipelines in FCS Express are a set of data processing steps that stand alone or are connected in series.  The output of a step can be applied to a data file or utilized as the input of the next step, or series of steps, that may be applied to your data. No plugins, no programming, just results!The vast majority of commonly used algorithms for data analysis are actually pipelines, with tSNE (and its variants) and SPADE being two examples. However, when those algorithms are implemented as a one calculation, user customizations are limited to the what the specific implementation allows. Pipelines in FCS Express increase the computational flexibility and granularity of running algorithms and data transformations while giving users the unique ability to create their own transformations.A pipeline is made of individual data processing steps with each step performing a specific calculation/transformation.

Pre-defined pipeline steps (FlowAI, FlowCut, FlowSOM, SPADE,…) make accessing commonly used algorithms and data processing steps easy.
FCS Express provides a wide variety of pipeline steps for you to choose from. See our full list of all available steps and contact us if there are steps you are interested incorporating into FCS Express that are not yet available.

Integrated Spreadsheets

Have you ever wished you could link up your statistics from files, gates, and plots directly to Excel? FCS Express provides integrated spreadsheets that update in real-time as gates or data change using tokens.

Drag and drop gated populations to populate a spreadsheet. Pull many data files from the Data List into the spreadsheet to compare samples and generate results automatically.
You already know how to use spreadsheets since you are an expert in Excel.
Customize spreadsheets with many of the advanced Excel tools you know, including conditional formatting, so you can get to your results easier and faster.
Looking for a formula function? FCS Express has you covered with many of the same formulas provided in Excel.
Spreadsheets Formula Hints provide all the details needed to get started on your analysis. Skip the manual lookups and go straight to results!

Publication-Ready Graphics

When it comes to your data, publication-quality results are important. FCS Express provides publication-ready graphics every time you analyze a sample in several formats at any resolution.

The right plot for your analysis is always at your fingertips.
Customize every aspect of your plots as you are analyzing or by creating defaults, so you are ready to move instantly from the raw data to your publication.
Format your any axis with custom labels and gridlines or tick marks.
Use black and white or grayscale plots to avoid color page fees.

Spectral Analysis

Take advantage of the only third-party software capable of displaying your spectral data from Cytek and Sony instruments.

Apply gates to visualize subsets of interest along spectra.
Create gates to analyze populations further or backgate on other plots.
Overlay multiple samples or populations in a single plot for easy visual comparison.


Perform Spectral Unmixing from single stained controls directly in FCS Express.  As adjustments are made to the compensation setup, and/or directly to the matrix, your flow cytometry analysis will update immediately to help you visualize changes based on your controls without delay.


Visualized Matrix can also be created for any created or imported unmixing matrix added to a layout.  FCS Express will automatically generate a Visualized Matrix by simply using a right-click on the desired unmixing matrix in the Compensation and Unmixing editor by choosing Build Visualized Matrix.  The Visualized matrix page includes a spreadsheet with charted values and a chart displaying the Detector vs Intensity for each single stained control added in the Automatic Unmixing Setup.

FCS Express makes it easy and convenient to view unmixed spectral signatures.  The Visualized Matrix is one of many new features that takes your analysis in FCS Express to the next level.

Spillover Spreading Matrix (SSM) and Cross Staining Index (CSI) matrix are both automatically calculated at the end of the Compensation/Unmixing wizard.

Cell Cycle Analysis

Eliminate tedious, and often biased, manual gating by using Multicycle AV for your cell cycle analysis.  Multicycle is included in every copy of FCS Express and can display up to three cycles with background, debris, and aggregate correction within a sample.
Your samples will be modeled as displayed for gated or ungated data.
Customize the Multicycle plot to display your results for sharing or reporting how you need it.
Interpretation guidelines and statistics can be inserted into the layout and included with batch processing.

Remember Scaling Formula

FCS Express remembers manually adjusted scaling.  No longer will users have to adjust each plot, once a change has been made to a plot parameter all plots displaying the same parameter will automatically update.  Optimizing how data is displayed on your plot has never been easier.





FCS Express Flow Cytometry specializes in the analysis of flow cytometry data and will load on flow cytometry derived data files.

FCS Express Image Cytometry contains the same core functionality as the Flow Cytometry version, but specializes in the analysis of image cytometry data and will only load image cytometry derived data files.

FCS Express Plus is a version of FCS Express that combines the ability to analyze both flow and image cytometry data in one package.

Some features that are only available in the Image Cytometry version are:

  • Reading data from image cytometry sources
  • Picture Plots
  • Image Galleries / Data Grids

Most of the features and add-on modules are available for all versions. By utilizing the same core capabilities, FCS Express Image Cytometry and FCS Express Plus software benefits from over 20 years of experience in developing sophisticated data analysis report generation tools for the research and clinical flow cytometry market.




System Requirements and File Compatibility

File Compatibility

FCS Express can read listmode (FCS) data files from all manufacturers. FCS Express currently supports FCS Version 1 to FCS Version 3.1. FCS Express can read data files that were acquired on a Macintosh or any other operating system. Simply transfer the files to the computer on which you are running FCS Express (either via the network, cloud storage, flash drive, CD or any other method) and FCS Express will be able to load the data.

In addition to being able to load the raw listmode data from any instrument, FCS Express can also import the analysis/acquisition settings (gates, plots, markers, quadrants etc) from the BD FACSDiva™ and the BD Accuri C6™ flow cytometers.

To learn more, expand a section below to learn the requirements for each component.

System Requirements

  • Windows: FCS Express 7 can run on Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Windows 11.
    • 32-bit FCS Express will run in a 32-bit or 64-bit environment.
    • 64-bit FCS Express will run in a 64-bit environment.
    • Why choose 64-bit over 32-bit?
      • Computers running 64-bit applications generally have more resources, such as power or memory, that are available to them, compared to their 32-bit counterparts.
      • If you are analyzing large data files, or large datasets, and your computer is running a 64-bit operating system, a 64-bit application is suggested.
  • Mac:
    • If using FCS Express 7:
      • macOS 13.3 (Ventura) or greater is compatible with FCS Express v7.18.0015 or greater.
      • macOS 13.1 & 13.2 (Ventura) are supported thru FCS Express v7.16.0046.
        • Note, to run FCS Express 7 on macOS 13, please ensure “Stage Manager” is turned off. Check back for updates on Stage Manager compatibility.
      • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) through macOS 13.2.x (Ventura) is supported from 7.12.0009 thru 7.16.0046.
      • ARM-based Macs (M1 & M2 Apple Silicon) are supported with FCS Express 7.10.0007 and later when used with macOS 11.6 or higher.
      • macOS 12.2.1 (Monterey) is supported with FCS Express versions 7.12.0005, 7.12.0007, and higher.
      • If using macOS Monterey 12.3. and more recent Monterey releases, FCS Express 7 v7.12.0009 or higher is compatible.
      • Updates can be downloaded from here.
    • macOS is not compatible with our Network license.
    • If using FCS Express 6, macOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) through macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is supported.
    • FCS Express 5 or less may be run in a Windows virtual machine environment on a Mac, using software such as ParallelsVMWare Fusion or Boot Camp.
  • There is no minimum processor requirement.
  • However, the “better” the processor, the more responsive FCS Express will become.  This is important to consider, especially if your analysis will consist of:
    • large datasets
    • spectral data
    • high dimensional data reduction tools, such as tSNE, FlowSOM, UMAP, etc.
  • For starters, a “better” processor will consist of:
    • more cores,
    • more logical processor capability,
    • an increased clock speed, or frequency, of the CPU.  Many of the modern processors on the market will have a frequency measured in gigahertz or GHz.
  • Please note that a higher spec’d CPU will be advantageous if the live updating feature is enabled.
  • FCS Express takes advantage of many features that are available in higher-end Intel Chips. For optimum performance, use the newest generation processors. For example, an i7 will significantly outperform an i5 even if the number of cores and clock speed of the processors are equivalent.  Also, a Desktop processor can perform better than a Laptop processor.
  • FCS Express can take advantage of all cores in the computer.  While not required, a multi-core computer will be significantly faster than a single-core computer for many functions.


  • FCS Express itself requires very little memory. The amount of memory you need is determined primarily by the size and number of data files that you are going to be analyzing at the same time. As a general rule, we suggest as much memory as possible.
  • FCS Express (32-bit) (PC Only) can use up to 3 GB of memory on a 32-bit Windows system, and 4 GB of memory on a 64-bit Windows system.
  • FCS Express (64-bit) (PC and Mac) can use up to 128 GB on 64-bit machine.